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Unlike the band BTRFS has been a total failure for my purposes. Running a small NAS running UnRAID and using it as the filesystem of choice over EXT4. I was thinking to go ZFS but it’s a underpowered NUC with drives attached over USB. Luckily I found a way to recover the data as the… - Query Monitor plugin

Query Monitor detects slow plugins, themes and functions

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For WordPress there are many plugins and themes. Unfortunately, their focus is often not on performance. This plugin helps you to identify the slow components of your website. Most performance breaks in WordPress can be identified very well and quickly in the front end, but sometimes it is necessary to look under the hood to see what…

Add MySQL Index to WordPress Tables

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A great example where an index may be a good option is the wp-options table, it can become bloated due to settings placed there by themes and plugins. This is because many plugins and theme builders store large amounts of¬†transient or session data in the options table. If you’d like to speed up the WP-Admin…