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SSH into your website via a mobile phone

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SSH can be tricky on a mobile device, but it’s also very powerful since you can achieve a lot using just a short command rather than booting up your machine to do much the same. It can quickly save you from downtime if your alerted to your site being down due to apache crashing and…

Compressing with Squash File System

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I still always learn something new, SquashFS had it passed me by and I hadn’t taken notice of how useful it can be to compress directories for transfer. The task was compress a load of big directories with tons of small files in them so I can transport them via SSH. I always tend to zip…

SSH into a website using MacOS

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SSH can be a great way to work with your WordPress website It’s pretty basic to use it as a replacement for insecure FTP, all you need is a username, password and IP address or valid hostname. On a mac it’s easy to get started. Open terminal by pressing CMD ⌘ + spacebar to open Spotlight…